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The Cracker Jack Collection
Baseball's Prized Players

100th Anniversary Commemorative Edition

By Tom Zappala & Ellen Zappala
with John Molori & Jim Davis, Foreword and Contributions by Joe Orlando

The player stories included in this book give a glimpse into the realities of life in the early 20th century, providing a journey
through one of the most exciting eras in baseball history.

This book is a great read for anyone who loves baseball, not just
the collector.

  • Biographies of every player featured in the 1914 & 1915 Cracker Jack Ball Player card series, compiled for the first time.

  • Full size, full color images of all 180 Cracker Jack Ball Player cards.

  • Player anecdotes uncover details of the birth of our National Pastime.

  • Special chapter on the history of Cracker Jack, the prizes, and the product's special relationship with Major League baseball.

  • Filled with artistically rendered full-color photographs of baseball artifacts, antique Cracker Jack prizes and memorabilia.

  • This Johns Hopkins graduate was a much better doctor than he was
    a ballplayer.

  • If it were not for his “emery pitch” this pitcher might never have had
    a career.

  • This player went from the baseball diamond to the Senate.

  • What player was referred to as the “$22,500 lemon?”

  • This guy had a .000 batting average over the years the Cracker Jack cards were issued. Why was he included in the Collection?

  • This pitcher threw a six-inning no-hitter. The game ended because the opposing team had to catch a train.

  • This self-promoter was referred to as the “Ty Cobb of the Federal League.”

A bit of baseball history can be found in the story of every player in the Cracker Jack Collection. Order your copy today!

This beautiful coffee table book celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Cracker Jack Ball Player card set, and is filled with original images of the Ball Player cards, Cracker Jack prizes, and baseball memorabilia from the era.

The book includes a comprehensive history of the Cracker Jack product and the evolution of prizes like the Ball Players cards as a unique marketing tool. In addition, PSA President, Joe Orlando, examines the differences between the 1914 and 1915 Ball Player card sets.

The Zappalas also authored the award-winning The T206 Collection: The Players & Their Stories as well as Nardo: Memoirs of a Boxing Champion (the autobiography of former Welterweight Champion Tony DeMarco). They are currently planning the third volume in their series of books about baseball collectibles and players.